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Using Your Age to Your Advantage – Marketing Yourself as a Mature Age Worker

The process of finding a new role has drastically changed in the last 5 years – we want to equip you with the tools needed effectively navigate the job search process and land the job you want!

Many experienced and capably mature age workers simply miss out on interviews or job offers because they aren’t positioning themselves for success in today’s job market. Whilst job boards such as Adage connect you with jobs with age friendly employers, how can you better connect and market yourself in the general job market?

Breaking down barriers…

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  • Organisations often use technology to screen candidates – how can you tailor your resume to fit the preferred candidate profile?
  • Social media is an emerging job market but how do you find and engage with these opportunities?
  • 75-80% of roles are never even advertised so how can you find out about the hidden job market?


Careering is about helping you break through these barriers.


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